SCENES FROM: November Pasteup Meetup

SCENES FROM: November Pasteup Meetup

An impromptu pasteup meetup last Sunday saw around ten street artists from across the globe stick stuff on walls around East London's Shoreditch area, with some reaching from as far as Brighton and Dublin to join the fun. Below pics are sourced from the crew, big thanks to Apparan, Did by Rua, Susi Foxy, Trips and Pieces, and Slow Shrug for those.

chance street pasteup wall

After some refreshments at Monty's Bar, with steak bakes scoffed and sticker trading done, we hit the ground running in Shoreditch (with a heavy bucket of paste) and happened upon a spot on Chance Street (not sorry for pun). Pasted above (left to right) are bits from Slow Shrug, MNKY, My Pen Leaks, A.ka Fidalgo, Apparan, VisionOx11, Raise, Did by Rua, Vermin, a chance of creatures, DZ, and Hells Gibson alongside a giant colourful 'Cheap Thrills' screen print by Ben Rider and a cheeky Sweet Toof three-colour spray that warmed the walls before us.


trips and pieces installed wood pieces, heart and rat

Brick Lane legend Trips and Pieces installed two wooden hand-painted sculptures in the spot, 'Love Rat' and 'Rainbow Heart'. Trips is a rockstar on a wood lathe and ladder, and his pieces here can be seen next to Fuer Panda and RX Skulls.


dublin artist Raise applies paste to a wall on Whitby Streetdublin artist Raise pasting up on Whitby Street

Dublin artist Raise, fresh off the plane for a weekend of wheatpaste fun, showed us where he gets his name from. This conveniently placed bike made for a quick high placement of one of his doll characters. Raise is an absolute beast with both pen and spray can, and his talents clearly extend to balance too. 


MNKY and Slow Shrug collabTrips and Pieces installs artworkTrips and Pieces installs artwork

Above: more Trips and Pieces installs: Money Spider dangles from a pipe while Apparan (one of the legends behind London International Pasteup Festival) pops up a piece.

Pasteups from Did by Rua, MNKY, Slow Shrug, A.ka Fidalgo, VisionOx11, stickers from Cartain and F0SH plus a throwup by Balloon Head.


Slow Shrug on a ladder pasting up a giant FurbaeSlow Shrug on a ladder pasting up a giant Furbaesusi foxy and slow shrug

Above: Slow Shrug's latest evolution of his Furbae appears as a GIANT bright magenta rosette on Brick Lane's Buxton Street, next to the London Pasteup Festival install from last summer. MAHOOSIVE pieces from The Cameron Twins and Social Sniper are snapped, while Susi Foxy pastes a handmade 'peace dove' (spray paint and acrylic paint on FT newspaper).


Last spot: scenes at Seven Stars yard. Writers who bombed over LPIF's previous installation at SSY will be pleasantly surprised when they see how we finished the day:

Handmade halloween bats from Did by Rua, crowned doll character by Raise and DZ.b2b's wide-eyed dog cover cheap spray paint, sitting snugly below pieces from City Kitty, Mowcka, Hells Gibson and Scrapyard Spec, while Slow Shrug's Furbae rosettes keep wide-eyed watch. Apparan's blue-haired woman and rainbow crying heart pieces bust out these heavily wheatpaste-greyed walls.

A chancer, sensing he was onto something of a moment happening, turned up with a canvas we all signed. I will regret not signing it 'BANKSY' for the rest of my days. Best way to spend a Sunday, - reach out if you wanna come to the next one.


Vibes Farm Crew


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