IN THE PAINT: A.ka Fidalgo

IN THE PAINT: A.ka Fidalgo

Vibes Farm caught up with Brazilian printmaker & street artist A.ka Fidalgo, to talk ‘Liar Liar’ and playing with fire...

'Liar Liar' screenprint by A.ka Fidalgo

What was the inspiration behind your iconic 'Liar Liar' piece?

Using Pinocchio, a character known for lying, as a representation of Sir David Cameron and other Conservative politicians involved in the Brexit campaign, the inspiration for this particular poster came from the Brazilian saying, "who plays with fire, wets his/hers bed". A phrase that suggests that engaging in risky behaviour can have undesirable consequences. 

Where and when did you learn to screenprint? Where do you currently print?

I discovered screenprinting and stencil art as a teenager in Brazil while engaging in skateboarding. Both techniques allowed me to create and customize my gear, giving it a personal touch. . I currently print at Putney School of Art and Design.

'Liar Liar' screenprint details by A.ka Fidalgo

How do you select the paints, colours and materials for a piece? I notice you often use opaque paints to hand touch parts, and overprinting plays a big part in your practice, right?

As a graphic designer, I have consistently been immersed in a diverse array of paper stocks, colours, and finishes. This expertise, coupled with my passion for various art forms such as museums, galleries, and street art, provides me with a distinct advantage when embarking on new projects.


'Liar Liar' by A.ka Fidalgo original drawing details

Tell us about future prints you're working on right now?

I am currently working on a print and merchandise series titled 'Not Today Satan,' while also developing a new book/zine called 'Lull.' In this publication, I showcase the processes and projects I undertook during my 196-week hiatus from screenprinting.


'Liar Liar is available here from the Vibes Farm shop.
You can follow A.ka Fidalgo on Instagram here.

'Liar Liar' matchstick burnt design by A.ka Fidalgo

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